Our offer includes a wide range of products within the scope of aluminum fixtures and facade claddings:

  • windows and door systems
  • facade systems
  • automatic sliding systems
  • interior structures
  • winter gardens
  • ventilated facades
  • glass rails
  • bolted facades
  • glass canopies
  • skylights
  • other solutions used in modern design

windows and door systems


The variety of window and door systems makes our windows and doors have a wide range of application and they can be suited to every design concept, especially in modern design. We offer various fillings and a complete palette of colors. Our products are used both in interiors and exteriors. They are suitable for all types of rooms in new buildings, as well as the modernized ones.

facade systems


Our facade systems meet all aesthetic requirements and observe the rigorous principles of passive construction; at the same time, it is possible to implement even the most original designs of modern architecture. We have a perfect equipment facility so we can execute even the most demanding orders.

automatic sliding systems


Automatic sliding systems provide buildings with a wide range of innovative solutions to meet the needs of the most demanding projects. When used in large and smaller commercial, sports or trade buildings, they are not only visually aesthetic, but they are also an excellent and functional solution for the modern public space.

internal structures and partition walls for commercial spaces


Commercial buildings are not only a workplace for many people but also an area requiring a very aesthetic and effective design. We provide glass partition walls for every cubic volume; the space arrangement will be ideal and this will provide your company with the perfect atmosphere.

winter gardens


In the recent years, winter gardens have become a popular place of relaxation in modern residential as well as commercial buildings. You can grow ornamental plants, which require special thermal conditions and the right humidity. The winter we create become a very cozy place to relax or host guests. Thermally insulated profiles and windows of the highest quality meet all the thermal protection requirements of buildings.

ventilated facades (HPL boards, fiber-cement, composite and aluminum panels)


Ventilated claddings ensure modern and aesthetic solutions for the execution of a facade for public utility buildings, commercial buildings, and residential construction. We offer a wide selection of materials, color, texture, and dimensions of the facade cladding, which will be adapted to the project, as well as the technological or functional requirements of the buildings.

glass rails


We execute glass rails of the highest quality; they combine unique aesthetic values and ensure the safety of use. We approach every order individually, offering advice at the planning stage as well as the execution of the design. Our rails are made of tempered glass of high quality, with thicknesses that are individually adjusted to every construction. The aesthetic attachments of rails consist of stainless steel elements.

bolted facades


Bolted glass has become a popular element of modern glass facades. It provides light, glass structures in any desired shape. Thanks to bolted glass, we obtain glass facades with architectural lightness, without structural divisions visible from the outside. To install the glass we use structures in the form of glass ribs, steel or aluminum posts, or wooden structures.

glass canopies


Glass canopies are the perfect alternative for standard solutions of executing this facade element, which is used in modern architecture. Attachment using the spot technique ensures an invisible, subtle structure, which is simultaneously adapted to the expected weather conditions. We adapt the installation to all types of facades (ventilated, slightly wet or stone).



We perform skylights and roofings on light systemic aluminum structures, which in the case of greater dimensions are supported on a load-bearing structure. We can equip our skylights respectively with ventilation systems and smoke flaps. We execute all projects, also the unusual architectural solutions requiring specialist installation.